Durable 60 mils Vinyl

Easy Installation

Cost Effective

Easy To Maintain

Waterproof Vinyl Decking

Tuff-Shield™ waterproof vinyl decking is an industry leading reinforced, roofing grade PVC vinyl membrane, that not only looks great but waterproofs and extends the life of your deck. Tuff-Shield is sold across North America and has been installed in many different regions with many different climates. Tuff-Shield waterproof vinyl decking stands up to all temperatures and weather conditions while protecting your deck and patio surface. Tuff-Shield is backed by our exclusive 10 year warranty and is truly a superior waterproof vinyl decking product. Choose Tuff-Shield vinyl decking for your next deck project and discover the benefits of this high-quality, affordable, waterproof vinyl decking. Use Tuff-Shield waterproof vinyl decking to waterproof, beautify, and extend the life of your: 

  • patio
  • deck
  • stairway
  • exterior walkway
  • hot tub
  • balcony
  • swimming pool area
  • walkable rooftop patio

Tuff-Shield Pewter

Tuff-Shield Pewter is an excellent color choice for your waterproofing needs. It is elegant, durable, and designed to complement many exterior color schemes for your next project. Our Pewter waterproof vinyl decking will stand the test of time and is backed by our industry leading 10 year warranty. Choose Tuff-Shield Pewter today and eliminate the need to paint or stain each year. Plus wood splintering will be a thing of the past!

Tuff-Shield Hickory

Tuff-Shield Hickory is a popular choice when it comes to waterproof vinyl decking options. Our Hickory design has a warm distinctive look that compliments most building color schemes. Backed by our 10 year warranty, Tuff-Shield Hickory is a lightweight, durable solution to your waterproof vinyl decking needs. Tuff-Shield Hickory waterproof vinyl decking will wear extremely well and will not peel, chip or crack.