Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install the Tuff-Shield system over fiberglass?

Not recommended, old fiberglass coatings can crack and break down beneath your new Tuff-Shield™ vinyl and become unattached from the deck surface.

Can I install the Tuff-Shield vinyl over a slotted lumber deck?

Not recommended. Slotted lumber must be covered with plywood to create a solid structure to adhere Tuff-Shield™ to. Remember to slope your deck.

What is my working time with Tuff-Shield Adhesive?

That depends on the ambient temperature and humidity Tuff-Shield™ adhesives are designed to give adequate working time but will dry faster on hot, dry sunny days when temperatures are up. Before starting, spread a little adhesive on a piece of scrap plywood and judge the working time.

At what temperature can I apply the Tuff-Shield vinyl?

Tuff-Shield™ is best installed at temperatures between 50 °F and 68 °F and rising.

How do you apply the Tuff-Shield during inclement or unpredictable weather?

The deck surface must be clean and dry regardless of the weather. A tarp structure can be built over the area to keep the deck dry until the weather improves. Download Tarping Directions

How do I remove accidental Adhesive spills once they have dried?

There are several methods of removing spills depending on which adhesive has been spilled. Always use caution as the printed top surface can be removed with the adhesives or aggressive cleaning solutions. Read the instructions on the adhesive container for removing the adhesive, if further help is required contact Tuff Industries technical support.

Can I apply the Tuff-Shield vinyl over previously installed vinyl?

Not recommended, old vinyl deck products will have deteriorated over time, when you install new Tuff-Shield™ on old vinyl you run the risk of shortening the life span of Tuff-Shield™ due to chemical incompatibilities. Although they both might be vinyl products it is unlikely they are made from the same raw materials.

How can I clean my Tuff-Shield vinyl?

Cleaning an Tuff-Shield™ surface is easy, using a mild soap solution and warm water, with a stiff bristled broom to loosen any dirt on the surface and rinse clean with a garden hose. For further information please refer to our ‘Care and Cleaning’ page.

How do I repair a cut, or tear in Tuff-Shield?

Always keep some left over liquid weld and scraps of vinyl on hand in case by some rare chance you get a cut in the Tuff-Shield™. These can be used to repair any cut or tear.

Is there a warranty?

All Tuff-Shield™ products have a 10 year limited warranty.

How long will Tuff-Shield last?

Tuff-Shield™ can last 15-25 years, depending on location and care of the deck.

Can Tuff-Shield withstand cold climates?

Tuff-Shield™ is tested at temperatures down to -40° to ensure the product can be installed problem free anywhere in North America. You can also remove snow from Tuff-Shield™ using a plastic snow shovel or stiff broom. (Ensure shovel has no sharp burrs that will cut the vinyl surface). You can also use salt or deicing compounds on Tuff-Shield™, but be sure to rinse the surface thoroughly in the spring to remove all residues left behind from these products.

Is Tuff-Shield tested?

Tuff-Shield™ is tested to meet the Canadian (CGSB 37.54-95) and US (ASTM D4434-11) standards for PVC roof membranes.Tuff-Shield™ is always up to date with all testing, with independent quarterly audits to ensureTuff-Shield™ performs properly year after year.

Can I use treated wood products on my finished deck?

No, the chemicals in treated wood will stain your new Tuff-Shield™

Can I install Tuff-Shield vinyl over a previously coated or painted plywood deck surface?

We do not recommended installing over an existing coating due to unknown chemical incompatibilities between the old coating and the new Tuff-Shield™ materials. There are so many coatings on the market we can’t test them all for compatibility with Tuff-Shield™, new clean plywood is the best surface to install on.